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The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were drafted by a committee headed by John Dickinson on July 12, 1776. The colonies were still weary of strong central government after the problems they faced with the Parliament in England. Therefore, rather than granting authority to a central government, the Articles of Confederation gave the majority of power to the states. While Congress had power over foreign affairs, war and peace, coinage, postal service, and Indian affairs, there …

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…and the Executive Branch is the Office of the President. These three branches have a system of “checks and balances” with no branch being more powerful than another. After a struggle to pass the Constitution, the last state agreed and on October 10 of 1788, it was passed. Benjamin Franklin stated, “Our constitution is in actual operation . . . everything appears to promise that it will last.” (Tindall/Shi 230) Bibliography Tindall/Shi. History: A Brief Editon, NY: New York. 1995