Debate 2 - Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Permitted

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Another paper written for my "Marriage & Intimacy" class this one deals with the subject of same-sex marriages and the varying impacts that could occur in today's "classic" family structure if they were permitted. The assingment was to read both sides of this argument out of our text and then summarize each, make a case for each, and lastly present our view and support why this is what we believe. Should Same-Sex Marriages Be …

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…people as well. I believe in a nation founded under a fair and just God and fear that without ultimate repentance when the Day of Judgment comes as Leviticus states, "their blood shall be upon them." This is the double standard that I am forced through faith to live by at least until I am welcomed into the kingdom of heaven and can be privilege to the ultimate truths of life and of mankind's future.