Death of hitler

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The Hitler conspiracy During the spring of 1945, the German army was retreating from the European battlefield. The Allies, aided by British general Montgomery and American general George S. Patton, were pushing the German army back from the western occupied zones. The Russian Red Army was pushing the Germans back from the eastern occupied zone. It was now clear that Germany lost the war and many of its soldiers were surrendering to the Allies. Although the …

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…and gruesome events. Bibliography Bibliography and Works Cited "Adolf Hitler's death" Http:// Galante, Pierre, Voices from the Bunker, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New-York, 1989. "Hilter Escaped!" Http:// Joachimsthaler, Anton, The last days of Hitler, Arms and Armour, London ,1996. Payne, Robert, The life and death of Adolf Hitler, Praeger Publisher, Washington, 1973 "The Soviet secrets on Hitler" Http://