Death of a Salesman Log

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Arthur Millerís tragedy is not simply detailing the failure of poor Willy Loman, a broken down salesman, but of middle-class America. Miller uses the Lomans as a vehicle to show precisely what can and does go wrong with the American Dream. Miller uses many characters to contrast the difference between success and failure within the system. Willy is the dreamy salesman whose imagination is much larger than his sales ability, while Linda is Willy's …

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…He was not the well-liked and respected businessman vital to the New England area. He was simply Willy Loman, salesman. They both suffered the Death of a Salesman, just in different eras. Middle America, and itís Willy Lomans, will always exist in some form as long as we chase the American Dream. If only we knew if we are fools or level headed businessmen. Itís a pity we donít know our future.