Death of a Salesman Analysis Project

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Character Analysis Assignment All of the characters in the performance “Death of a Salesman” have special traits that are indicative of their personality and literary purpose in the piece. Each serves a particular purpose and symbolizes distinct goals, functions, or qualities. One by one, the author places every character in a specific location to contrast, or emphasize another character’s shortcomings, mistakes, or areas of strength. For example, an author might place the drama’s …

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…both the protagonist and his son, and proves this by telling Willy to continue with his life and let his son find his own path. In conclusion, the character traits of the players in “Death of a Salesman are evident. It is also apparent that they are placed juxtapositionally with each other to highlight the other’s features. The characters’ indicative qualities are what makes animates the plot, and makes for a vibrant literary piece.