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Death of a Salesman The purpose of this brief essay is to examine Arthur Miller's play, Death of a Salesman, with respect to its reflection of the impact of American values and mores as to what constitutes "success" upon individual lives. George Perkins has stated that this play has been described as "possibly the best play ever written by an American (Perkins, p. 710)." The play marks a brilliant fusion of the ideas and problems central …

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…of this delusion too late to make any changes in his life. Whether or not we as readers or as members of the audience agree with his judgment is irrelevant. It is Willy's own failure that is important in this play. Bibliography Works Cited Karl, Frederick R. American Fiction 1940-1980. New York: Harper Collins. 1985. Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. London: Penguin, 1982. Perkins, George. Editor. Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature. New York: Harper Collins. 1991.