Death of a Salesman

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Analysis of the Character Ben and the Development of Willy Loman Arthur Miller's (1915-present) character Ben in Death Of A Salesman helps the development of the main character Willy. Ben is used as somewhat of a mentor for Willy; Ben is everything that Willy wants to be in life. We can see who Willy is by exploring who Ben is. Ben's morals and actions are everything that Willy believes in and wishes for himself and …

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…he wants to be. We know that Willy believes in Ben's beliefs in how to succeed in life and believes that his sons' should be like this. Ben is an extremely important character in this play because Willy is constantly seeking him; he constantly wants to be like his brother. Right down to the very end, when Ben is just a figment of Willy's imagination, Willy trusts him. He makes that decision to commit suicide.