Death Marks the Spot

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The title of the article I chose was Death Marks the Spot. The title of the periodical was the Phoenix Magazine and the date for the periodical was October 2001. The article interested me because I wanted to know why Arizona has a reputation as one of the most deadly places in the country for motorist is well deserved, why Arizona has set a state record with 1,036 fatalities doing with car accidents. This article starts out …

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…is trying to tell them that thousands of people die almost everyday from car accidents and kids do to. It wont hurt people to take a second and put on a seat belt. The things that I learned that I didnt know was that 2,099 died between 1995 and 1998. Also that people are more likely to get killed being in an area of 35 mph or below and people in a higher area have a less of chance.