Death Camps of World War II

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Starvation. Mass shootings. Gas chambers. Beatings. Mass murder. In the early 1940s, perhaps the most brutal attrocities ever committed on a people in our world’s history took place. It was World War II. The Nazi Regime, led by Adolf Hitler, was waging war across Europe. Occupied Poland became the place where those prisoners and captives held by the Nazis were sent to be eliminated. From 1941 through 1945 a total of some 3.5 million Jews met their …

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…camps, only a handful of survivors escaped the Nazi extermination camps. The worst camp of all, though not mentioned in the above writings, is the notorious Auschwitz-Birkeneau camp. Some 2.5 million Jews died there. Others say the number more realistically is closer to 4 million. Regardless, the crimes committed in these times of war should never be repeated. Luckily, history has a few heroes to relate to us these horrors so that they might never happen again.