Death By Choice: Who Should Decide?

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Death By Choice: Who Should Decide? McGuires' references to prior cases and documents is done logically and clinically. After careful reading, and re-reading, I failed to understand his position on the moral issue. How can he perceive that by terminating a human life, this is acceptable moral behavior? Moral implies conformity to established codes or accepted notions of right and wrong. In other words, the basic moral values of society. Since when did society begin …

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…die, based on "quality of life" ? Who created the standard of quality? Shouldn't that decision be based upon the individuals version, not of societies ? Even if a person is born incapacitated, they were born for a reason. Who are we too decide that the reason is of no consequence? When our time to pass comes, that should be a decision made from a higher power. Not a decision based upon what society has deemed acceptable.