Dealing with ADHD

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“Smart, Sensitive and Out of Control”: Dealing with ADHD Within the past few years, more and more children and adults are being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). About 3 million U.S. youngsters are believed to be afflicted with ADHD and other related behavior problems. Smart, Sensitive and Out of Control, written by Jack Gantos, discusses the form of helping and learning to cope with children with ADHD. Gantos is an author of children’…

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…relation to the article, my overall position agrees with the author on his strategy for helping with ADHD children. If I had a teacher and other children in my classes who could relate to my disability, I might have more knowledge about my learning styles and ways of coping with it. The author is right in stating there is no solution for children with ADHD, but there certainly are ways of helping those that do.