Dazed and Confused

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Dazed and Confused. To anyone who grew up in the Seventies- myself not included- the words are guaranteed to strike a chord, not only of heavy metal guitar feedback, but of sweet nostalgia for those carefree days of innocence, exuberance, and wonder. Well, not really. What that old Led Zeppelin number brings to mind, with its slow, grinding rhythm punctuated by head-banging howls of rage, is the darker side of adolescence; the boredom, the frustration, …

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…leave me basking in a glow of personal connection. And that's the best kind of feeling you can hope to get from a movie. This movie was an excellent portrayal of the seventies. Rolling Stone Magazine says that it was “Spectacularly funny.” Entertainment Weekly says “Accompanied by the music of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Foghat and more, a superb ensemble cast delivers the most slyly funny and dead on portrait of American teenage life ever made.”