Day of Infamy

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Lord, Walter. Day of Infamy. 243pp. New York: Wordsworth Editions, 1998 Day of Infamy examines what is possibly the most remembered day in American history. Author Walter Lord recounts the days and weeks leading up to the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor though the eyes of the people closest to the action. Through his personal interviews with survivors from the United States Armed Forces, and the citizens living on the island Oahu, as well as research …

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…Unlike most books written on the subject, I would recommend the book to anybody with even the slightest bit of interest in the Japanese attack on the defenseless Pearl Harbor. It is without a doubt a different look at an event in history that often gets reported only from the logistic and the tactical side. Walter Lord defiantly brings the attack of Pearl Harbor to life with his inspiring human look at Day of Infamy.