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David Livingstone – Man of Prayer and Action Author: C. Silvester Horne, M.P. Report By: Ben Akers David Livingstone was a faithful pioneer missionary whose greatest desire was granted only after his death – the stopping of the slave trade and opening up Africa to Christianity and lawful commerce. Livingstone was born on March 19th, 1813 at Blantyre, Lankshire. He was raised in a pious but poverty stricken home in Scotland. By the age on 9, he had …

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…from there, an artery burst somehow and he started bleeding out fast. They got there 3 days later, and found a place to stay. Livingstone was not in good shape at all, and to make a long and drawn out story a nice and short, and to the point, he died. Born on March 19th, 1813 at Blantyre, Lanarkshire, and died at Chitambo’s Village on May 4th, 1873, Livingstone was and will forever be remembered. THE END