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Dave Matthews Band formed in Charlottesville, VA in early 1991 a. The band consists of 5 members i. Dave Matthews- vocalist/guitarist ii. Carter Beauford- drummer iii. LeRoi Moore- saxophonist iv. Stephan Lessard- bass guitarist v. Boyd Tinsley- violinist 1. Band members were trained and accomplished in different styles of music. a. Jazz b. Classical b. Nov. 9, 1993, DMB released its first album, Remember Two Things c. During the first part of 1994, they recorded Under the Table and Dreaming …

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…journey with their music. With their large variety of fans, it is not hard for the band to satisfy the audience, because they are writing the music for themselves and everyone else is just along for the ride. The band has an unconventional musical lineup and their segregation of rock, blues, country and R&B; this eccentric band somehow plays perky, pop songs that cheer the hearts of people of every age, race and color.