Darwins Theory of Evolution

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Natural Selection - process by whch populations become adapted to the environment. The fitness of an individual is measured by how well its offspring reproduce - i.e. how many offspring that survive and reproduce does an individual produce ? Charles Darwin studdied and closly watched peppered moths (Biston Betularia) in their natural habbitat. The peppered moths are light colored with darker areas of color. Like humans, however, these moths can be found in a range …

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…Patterns of behavior in all species tend to follow an orderly genetic sequence in their beginings. I feel that Darwin was correct in most of his theories. Many of them have been proven even more so since his lifetime. He contributed a huge amount to the sciences especiall in the field of evoultion. This book helped me to better understand his veiws and stand on evolution, I also learned what made him persue this topic.