Darwin's Black Box

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Dr. H. Allen Orr is a Professor of Biology at University of Rochester who studies the genetic changes underlying evolution. He is particularly interested in the genetics of speciation and the genetics of adaptation. Allen Orr wrote an article criticizing Michael Behe saying ¡°The latest attack on evolution is cleverly argued, biologically informed ¨C and wrong.¡± Before starting out with his argument Orr admits that Behe¡¯s book is after all a creationist¡¯s¡¯ dream …

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…the existence of God. This whole article by Allen Orr was not only about biochemistry and where Behe made mistakes in him book, but it was also about the whole issue of Darwinism and biochemistry. Orr also talked about why some people are more qualified, and would get more publicity just because they are biochemists. In this article Orr brought out why people take biochemistry more seriously and don¡¯t even consider Darwinism a science.