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"Dances With Wolves" The movie I chose to watch for this project was "Dances With Wolves". I chose this movie because it is one of my favorite western-type movies. This movie starts out with Lt. John Dunbar, played by Kevin Costner, runs away from a field hospital where they are going to amputate his foot. He then rides his horse in a charge towards the Confederate army and creates a diversion that allows his fellow …

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…Costner directed the film and also stared as Lt. John Dunbar. Other notables include Graham Greene as Kicking Bird, Rodney A. Grant as Wind in His Hair, and Mary McDonnell as Stands With a Fist. This film takes place on the Western frontier in 1863. The fort that Dunbar is posted at is in the middle of Indian Territory in the Dakotas. It is his encounter with these Indians that sets the stage for this film.