Damn Mussolini; Now We canít Do Anything

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At this point in 1930 it would be difficult to switch from fascism. For the past decade fascist ideas have constantly been reiterated in almost every aspect of society and it has become a part of every Italianís life. Democracy would have worked if we had kept it going in the right direction after 1919. Instead we never really established a strong democracy and it ended up leaving people something to be desired. Mussolini stepped up …

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…think they are so bad off and not even want to form a new government. At this point democracy isnít difficult, itís impossible. Ever since the rise of Mussolini, any form of government has been impossible to succeed. He slowly deteriorated all other political parties and formed his own in the rubble. Maybe in the future Italy will be able to establish a strong, unbreakable democracy, but for now Mussolini has the reigns.