Daisy Miller, Huck Finn, TS Eliost's Wasteland

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In “The Waste Land” Eliot suggests that a man can be reborn if he gives, sympathizes, and has self-control. There are many characters within American Literature that could have benefited from this advice. Characters such as Amanda Wingfield , the personas in “Home Burial,” and Daisy Miller exemplify people, that if this advice was readily accessible, could have understood circumstances and could have been figuratively been reborn. In the previously noted characters lives, they let either …

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…s downfall, and Huck’s stepping stone. Personal regression and lack of self-control was the tragic flaw for Amanda Wingfield and the personas in “Home Burial.” By following the advice of Eliot, Amanda and the personas in “Home Burial” would have been able to digress from their self-absorbed worlds and open doors to new opinions and less painful lifestyle. Eliot has summed up some of life’s lessons in few words, just like a poet.