Daisy Miller & Huck Finn- American Adventures

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NOSEWAKS@aOl.com March 20, 2002 DAISY MILLER AND HUCK FINN-AMERICAN ADVENTURERS After reading the two American classics “Daisy Miller” by Henry James, and “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, I thought about the messages these authors were saying about their societies. Both authors lived at a time when very influential things were happening in their worlds. The Civil War, and the ceaseless turmoil between social classes. Twain and James both wrote these two stories around the same …

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…a literary straight character who didn’t learn anything on her journey. Because of her defiance to her society and her loved ones, she ended up a tragic figure. On the other hand, Huck was a literary round character that learned from his adventures. He didn’t learn from the corruption of society, but he learned on his own terms that Jim was just as important and valued a life as he was. R LUCAS