Daily Life in Shakspere's Time

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Daily Life in Shakspere's Time: Information Sheet Social Rank Peasants were very poor and were treated like slaves. Basically, they were slaves and did not own anything. Peasants were so poor that they had to live on borrowed land owned by the nobles (people connected to the monarchy). Peasants were given a small piece of land to build their one or two roomed shacks and to harvest their crops, in exchange for their labor and …

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…an umbrella shape. The lace used with their clothing was stiffened with steel. Lower class people couldn't afford fancy clothing and weren't concerned with wearing underwear either. At the height of fashion, the upper class people wore ruffed collars sometimes one meter in diameter. The men wore more jewelry and fancy collars than the woman did. There were certain rules that had to be followed. Men wore a style of clothing according to their stature.