DPS vs City cops

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Knock!Knock!Tap!Tap!Licens and regerstration please.Where is the emergency son?The speed limit is 55 mph. Not 120Mph.This is a highway not the Autobahn son.This is DPS not the city police.I will let you off with a warning this time I will take you to Jail for criminal driving. Are all cops like this?Some are and some aren't.Let's see if they are. People get certain kinds of cops …

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…is the patrons of the city.So don't get to mad.My job is better. Like getting people thrown in jail or just giving people ticket's state patrol ot city police will do that if the law is broke the state patrolhas many options for the patrons but the city police will have free donuts and coffee every mornig so look at the two kinds of departments and find why people make fun of them.