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Omaha Beach"Omaha" was the code name for the second beach from the right of the five landing areas of the Normandy Invasion. It was the largest of the assault areas, stretching over 6 miles (10 kilometres) between Port-en-Bessin on the east and the mouth of the Vire River on the west. The western third of the beach was backed by a 10-foot- (3-metre-) high seawall, and the whole beach was overlooked by cliffs 100 feet high. There …

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…found one another and managed to destroy five bridges over the Dives. By morning, as the invasion force rolled ashore on Sword Beach, the left flank of the area was indeed secure. By 1300 hours elements of the 1st Commando Brigade, under the command of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, had connected with Howard's glider troops at the bridges. As evening fell on June 6, the 6th Airborne Division was generally in place and had achieved its objectives