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D.H.LAWRENCE David Herbert Richards Lawrence drew his first breath on September 11 1885, in a small house in Victoria Street, Eastwood, near Nottingham. The fourth child of a coal miner, Arthur Lawrence and Lydia (nee Beardsall), it is not recorded if that first breath was taken easily, but within two weeks the child had bronchitis. It was to be a warning: 'Bert' Lawrence's lungs would plague him all his life. David started school at only …

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…feels about them. The Rose of All the World, is how Lawrence feels about his wife, how much he lovers her and urns to be with her. There are many more examples of Lawrence's life influencing his poetry as well as short stories and novels. Lawrence felt that writing was a way to let all of his feeling's out about the world around him. This is why many of his poems resemble actual life events.