Cyrano De Bergiac Appearance

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In my personal essay i chose the umbrealla theme of Cyrano deBergerac as my topic. Which asks if we tend to take importance on how we look than on any other thing that is or should be more important. However in “Cyrano deBergerac” view he concerns about his nose as being a drawback into his appearance and concern more on his appearance than anything else. In my opinion i would have to say i agree …

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…writters and musicains who can write songs, but can’t sing or look good, now who gets al the credit? Brittney Spears you know why? because she’s pretty and can sing ok. This proves how appearance is more than important than any other factor. But I think as people tend to get older and wiser they relize that appearance isn’t everything. But for now it seems that it does for people like me.