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Shakespeare's Cymbeline is a story of love, hatred, and betrayal. The main character, Imogen, is hurt by all of these emotions and actions. Not just by one person, by many throughout the play. These would include her father Cymbeline, lover, Posthumus, an Italian named Giacomo, the Queen, Posthumus' servant, Pisanio, and the Queen's son, Cloten. The following paragraphs include examples from the play and explain the ways in which Imogen was abused and by who. …

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…was dead and they buried her. After she awoke, Pisanio knew about it. Although, he explained to her the misguided words of the Queen. Throughout Cymbeline misguided words are all Imogen hears from everyone. Not only from her father, Cymbeline, but also Cloten, Giacomo, Posthumus, the Queen, and Pisanio. Yet, despite the rude comments and actions that she is forced to endure, Imogen withstands it all. Not only for her lover, Posthumus, but for herself.