Cutco knife, presentation, Facts, talks about the quality of the kinfe. Ideal for Oral presentation

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The finest Cutlery. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the disadvantages and advantages of common knives. Central Idea: Cutco knives are designed to exceed the customer's expectations and to out perform the competition. Introduction I.<Tab/>Have you ever wished for that clean perfect slice of fresh tomato or that dependable knife that will stay sharp for years? II.<Tab/>Are you tired of having to …

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…aware of the different features and on the constructing of the knife, I believe the following presentation will further prove the efficiency of a good knife .) Conclusion I.<Tab/>I hope that you are all now well informed and will make smarter decisions next time you purchase your knives. II.<Tab/>Remember that life in the kitchen can be enjoyable with a high quality set of knives.