Custer's Last Stand

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Custer's Last Stand Bighead, Kate. "An eye for an eye." pps 1-5. Online. Internet. 5 June 1999. Available: The plight of the Native American Indians throughout history is plagued by many battles and episodes of relocation from one reservation to the next. One would have thought that the Native Americans were merely puppets that the white man controlled to fit their own needs. However, the battle known as Custer's …

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…for their rights and freedoms and not simply comply. This account of Custer's Last Stand by Kate Bighead echoes the pain of all Native Americans. She describes the frustration and survival techniques implemented by the Chiefs as a way of life which is the true tragedy in it all. The warriors that were lost were her family and friends. She lived this battle and survived but the pain of loss clearly stayed with her forever.