Cultural leftovers from our past civilizations. Alexander the Great. Greece's influence on today's architecture and education.

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There are many intriguing cultural leftovers from our past civilizations. I will discuss some of them.         Alexander the Great discovered many ideas that we still use today. With the help of 35,000 Greeks and Macedonians Alexander managed to conquer and create his own empire from Greece to the borders of India. While on his journey he came up with the idea of getting on a horse from the left side. He found out that if you …

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…of those weaknesses. As more barbarians entered the Roman Army, barbarian raids on the empire began to get more and more frequent and slowly the Roman people migrated out. Despite the slow regression of Rome, the Barbarian, Odoacer is credited with being the barbarian who brought about the final fall of the Roman Empire. In 476AD, he forced the last of the emperors to resign. By this time, the empire had practically killed itself anyway.