Cultural Sexuality

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Cultural Sexuality Sexuality, courtship and mating rituals differ among cultures. The Trobriands and the United States have several similarities and differences, which can be compared and contrasted. These constructs begin in early childhood, continue to adolescence, and extend into adulthood. Indeed, these sexual constructs help as a basic framework, which defines these two cultures. The Trobriands begin early childhood with a freedom and independence unlike Americans. Beginning as young as five or six years of …

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…liberal view is a more recent social evolution over the past forty years. The Trobriand and American cultures both have rich sexual definitions to their mating rituals. Beginning with early childhood, through adolescence and adulthood, they are raised with this knowledge. Although there are some similarities, the differences are vast. Each culture sexuality ahs purpose and meaning within the realm of its society. These constructs indeed richen the two cultures and the way of life.