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Societies are molded through beliefs, customs, and culture. Sociologically, culture dictates the way in which its respective society and its individuals act or react to certain instances and events. Culture is viewed as very important to many people and ethnic groups and can be as extreme as being the epitome of ones existence. In Mishimas “Patriotism,” the two main characters, Shinji and Reiko, depict strongly the impact and effects of a persons’ behavior due to …

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…comprehended, emotionally drawn reading. Also, Mishima makes great use of word choice making each sentence stand out and more comprehensible, which also contributes to the overall emotion, theme, and meaning. In this case, Mishima means to convey how faithful Shinji and Reiko were to each other, the military, and to age-old Japanese cultural beliefs. It is also intended by Mishima to show how Shinji and Reiko behaved and reacted in their given circumstance and environment.