Cubism and it's Artists

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Cubism Cubism was an art movement that developed in the early 20th century. The term cubism acquired its name from the comments made by painter, Henri Matisse and critic Louis Vauxcelles, who described Georges Braque's 1908 work "Houses at L'Estaque" as resembling a bunch of cubes. Cubism has been called one of the most influential and revolutionary movements in art. Cubism was divided into two categories; analytical cubism and synthetic cubism. The cubism movement was developed …

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…paintings. The center of Synthetic Cubist painterís attention was now the construction, not the analysis of the their subject. Color regained its decorative function and was no longer restricted to the naturalistic description of the form. Compositions were still static and centered, but they lost their depth and became almost abstract, although the subject was still visible in synthetic, simplified forms. The construction requirements brought about the introduction of new textures and new materials.