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The Cuban Missile Crisis by Tim Seigel History period 7 December 11, 1998 Back in 1962 most people thought there could not be a nuclear war. It was a time occupied by the Cold War. They were wrong. The U.S.A, Soviet Union, and Cuban countries were so close they could feel nuclear war breathing down their necks. The people of the U.S. were so close to being incinerated, and they didn't even know it. The Soviets …

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…was Cuba's guerrilla training on the Aisle of Youth. The conference went well and the issues were better understood afterward. In conclusion, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a major conflict for the world, the cold war, and the Soviet, Cuban, and United States. The United States was so close to a nuclear war, but had the wits and brains to prevent it. If the crisis did go nuclear chances are we wouldn't be here today.