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THE CUBAN NATION, 1898-1959 The final years of the nineteenth century shaped the Cuba that entered the twentieth century as a United States economic dependent and political protectorate. The actions and events of these years and the resulting conditions contributed heavily to the political, social and economic disarray manifested as virulent Cuban nationalism and anti-Americanism throughout the new century. Before reviewing some factors that shaped Cuba after 1880, we will briefly examine some of the geographic, …

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…600,000, one-half active and one-half reserve, and made plans to conduct one national mobilization each year from 1959 to 1963 [Morley, p. 367]. Castro turned to the problem of the Batistas. Over 500 were executed in a six-month period of "ordinary justice" administered by revolutionary courts. This created concern within and without Cuba, especially in the United States. Castro, however, had clearly established his power over the nation.