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Pope Urban II had called the Christians to join him in a Holy War to reclaim the Holy Lands as an act of Christianity, but there were many activities that took place that weren’t characteristics of Christianity. The Crusades were a smokescreen for Pope’s craving for power and control. The Crusades were the idea of Pope Urban II, a wise Frenchman. On November 18, 1095 AD, Pope Urban II opened the Council of Clermont. Nine …

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…wrenched from the Christians’ hands. That was not the only reason, but more of the smoke screen for some less religious reasons. Yet, when dissected, the times and their justifications seem that it really was intended to be a Holy War, designed for the betterment of all the Christians. The fault lies in how it was carried out. If there had been more control over the crusading army, rather than having it turn into some