Cross Analysis of the Shambba Tribe

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I gained a personal interest in the Shambaa Tribe when one if its members Mufika Badu came and spoke to our high school peer-group. I learned a lot of very interesting things about the people of the Shambaa tribe and the different aspects of their culture, and how they differ from the every day culture that I am exposed to. The Shambaa, also referred to as the Shambala, are a Bantu people found mainly on …

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…will soon be sold of to her future husband. I have gathered a lot of information from the research of this project. I have learned the ways of the Shambaa people and how their lifestyles differ from that of mine. I must say that I think that the Shambaa people are behind a couple with the time, but I guess that what makes this world so great, because everyone is special in their own way.