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Cronon/The Trouble with Wilderness 1. To Cronon, the wilderness is commonly defined as a place that is pure, natural and untouched by man. Cronon does not see nature as such a pure place. He thinks that nature is basically the same thing as the city. Cronon writes that the city to a person from the country is the same as the country to a person from the city. He sees a problem with people taking …

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…stupidity, ironic, and delusional. I took all the words the Cronon used as negative. I think that Cronons tone was a tone of intensity. I think that this tone made the reader take his argument more seriously and pay more attention to what he or she is reading. I had difficultly reading Cronons essay. His word usage was hard to interpret and he was biased about the subject that he was writing about. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**