Critique on Ani Difranco's Song Fuel.

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Music Font size 11 Times New Roman Critique on Fuel by Ani Difranco Fuel by the singer-song writer, and guitarist Ani Difranco, was born in Buffalo, New York on September 23, 1970, she began her career at the age of nine, when her guitar teacher helped her land her first gig -- performing a set of Beatles covers -- at an area coffeehouse. Befriended by the likes of Suzanne Vega and Michelle Shocked, she later gave up music …

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…almost never overshadows the emotional content. 2. mocking those who do not think and just follow like sheep 3. horrible family conditions, depression, drugs, pyciatric problems 4. however funny, as the cult following that Ani Difranco has seems to clap and cheer whenever she says anything slightly risky and they tend to not do what her songs provoke (for the most part) thought. They let her do their thinking for them, and let their hormones do it too.