Criticism of Shame

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Criticism of Shame Shame, published in 1983, a year before his most famous work The Satanic Verses, presents a fabulistic account in a country that disturbingly represents Pakistan. Critically, Shame is compared to Midnight’s Children because the of its resemblances in themes and style. The idea for Shame, reported interviewer Ronal Hayman in Books and Bookmen, grew out of Rushdie’s interest in the Pakistani concept of sharam, a word that denotes a hybrid of …

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…had praised Rushdie among his peers most appropriately with his statement, ". . . Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, Nikolai Erdmann and George Buchner. Here and there in the text, one can’t help thinking of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. These are extraordinary writers with whom to be associated, but it’s company that Salman Rushdie deserves." Indeed, with the melange of political narrative and cultural contemplation found in Shame, it is undoubtedly one of Rushdie’s best works yet.