Criticism of Man's Fate

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Historical Criticism of Man’s Fate To one who lives in a democratic society the word “Communism” means names such as “Marx,” “Lenin,” “Stalin,” and even “Anastasia.” But according to Rodney Guin, a high school history teacher, those within a Communistic system often worry about how they will feed their family tomorrow. The often heard, “Each according to his ability and each according to his need” is a slogan, not a reality (Communism 2). About Communism, …

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…if not sound, faults will occur when the idea is put into practice. As if he knew that Communism was one ideology that would take heroes to fight against the flaws, Malraux once said, “A man defines himself by what he does, not by what he dreams” (Learning 1). All men have a choice but only some acknowledge and act with the responsibility it takes to achieve it, as do the characters in Man’s Fate.