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Tim O’Brien, a contemporary American novelist and short story writer of immense, imaginative power, freely admits that the Vietnam War was the dark, jarring experience that made him a writer. O’Brien served in Vietnam with the Fifth Battalion, Forty-six infantry from January 1969 to March 1970. He patrolled some of the most active and brutal sites of the war and it definitely showed in the settings of his writing. Before his induction into the army, …

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…surface of events. Truth resides in those deeper moments of punctuation, when things explode. So you compress the boredom down, hinting at it but always going for drama – because the essence of the experience was dramatic. You tell lies to get to the truth.” Tim O’Brien digs deeply into the American psyche and comes out with an innovative and fascinating style of writing. Bibliography Works Cited 1. Myers, Thomas.DLB 152.New York: Saint Norbert College,1995.