Critical Incident Stress (CIS)

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Emergency Service Worker's (ESW's) can experience excitement from saving property from destruction and the ultimate satisfaction of saving a life, but the exhilaration and thrills can come to a holt when ESW's are faced with an occupational hazard called Critical Incident Stress (CIS).(Mitchell 86). A critical incident does not have to be a major disaster, but is any situation faced by Emergency Service Worker's (ESW) that causes them to experience strange reactions which may have …

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…of those people drop their symptom's without having counselling and one quarter of the 86% drop their symptom's over a period of six months up to a year.(Mitchell 86). People working under intense stress make more mistake's. Therefore Emergency Service Worker's working under intense stress get injured more frequently. Regardless of training, experience and preparation no one is immune to Critical Incident Stress. The best Trained and the experience are as vulnerable as the new recruit.