Critical Analysis of Huck Finn

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Case Study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The articles that are presented below explore adverse techniques of criticizing literary works. These critiques will be broken down to identify what technique of criticism is being used and what aspects correspond with the guidelines of that specific criticism. The criticisms identified below are psychoanalytic, cultural, and formalism criticisms. Society and Conscience in Huckleberry Finn: This article explores the depths of Huck’s unconscious acting on the …

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…and somewhat disguised. These three criticisms are very different approaches, but with these differences come new perspectives on reading and analyzing, which have never been introduced before. I admit that I tend to not agree with some of these perspectives and interpretations, but a criticism is what a specific reader gets out of a work and is an opinion. These criticisms can be used as guidelines to interpret literary works from different aspects and views.