Crispus Attucks: The Revolutionary War

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Crispus Attucks: The Revolutionary War Crispus Attucks was the first man to fall in the American Revolution. Crispus Attucks is identified as the first person killed in the name of freedom during what has come to be known as the Boston Massacre. Many people believe that he was the same man who in 1750 was advertised as a runaway slave. It is said that he ran away from his master to become a seamen. There is …

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…the way that he opposed the British government by printing out a drawing of the occurrences that bloody day, historians would not be able to really get a feeling of what happened. Unfortunately, that day is remembered because of the blood bath, and because of some courageous men that risked their lives to fight for their rights, like Crispus Attucks. He is the true definition of a hero. Unfortunately being a hero ended his life.