"Crisis in Kuwait" Reviews the incidents leading to the Gulf War, and reasons/steps taken by American Goverment

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-Overview- Reviews America's involvement in the Gulf War, also the events leading into it from Iraq/Saudi perspective. -Privacy Note- My father's name was removed for privacy and military legal matters. -------------------------------------------- Crisis in Kuwait -------------------------------------------- The United States has had many confrontations, and conflicts. Not since the Vietnam War had America had a massive confrontation like this. Although this war was on a massively smaller scale to Vietnam, considering America only lost 148 service members (…

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…in this conflict was necessary. Saving the oil reserves from the hands of the Iraqi army was mandatory. The biochemical weapons threat and the protection of innocent human life also weighed greatly on our decision. We emerged victorious in this relatively short conflict. Today, the oil reserves are still free of oppression from the Iraqi army and people can roam the streets of Kuwait without fear of Saddam Hussein, although his presence is still felt.