Crisis Negotiation.

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"On February 6, 1996 at 0700 hours, John Miranda, a 6'5", 260 lb. Hawaiian male with a record for violence and under the influence of cocaine, walked into his former work site with a 12 gauge Winchester pump shotgun loaded with eight slugs. He took five hostages and then when Honolulu police showed up he fired two rounds at them and a third into the leg of Guy George, the owner of the store. Miranda then phoned a local radio …

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…training in hostage negotiations". In Training Aids Digest, 2, (5), 1-10. Strentz, Thomas. "Negotiating with the hostage-taker exhibiting paranoid schizophrenic symptoms". Journal of Police Science & Administration 1986 Mar Vol 14(1) 12-16. Strauss, A. (1978). Negotiations: Varieties, contexts, processes, and social order. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Webster, M. (1997a). "Process vs. Outcome in the management of hostage/barricaded persons' incidents". The RCMP Gazette, 59 (5), 24-27. Andrew Phelps Law 201 Courtroom Alternatives Research Paper- Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Wendy Edson Crisis and Hostage Negotiations