"Crisis In The North Sea" - The declining numbers of Cod in the North Sea. The problems and solutions.

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Cod are a very valuable source of food, as they are a source for cod-liver oil. In the past cod have also formed a profitable fishery in the North Atlantic, to which England, France and Portugal all began to send boats yearly in the 16th century. Such fishing nowadays is still a very important part of the economy in countries such as Iceland and Great Britain. The decline of fish stocks has made the remaining …

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…the WWF could throw a virtual "fence" around any area. Already fishermen in the south-west of England, supported by WWF, are promoting a Fishing-Free Zone scheme. Government support is needed to enable the fishing industry to go further. WWF is also calling for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy to improve management of fish stocks. The UK is one of the few countries in the world that recognises the need to manage fish stocks responsibly.