Crime in Early Massachusetts

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Crime and Punishment in Colonial Massachusetts Throughout Massachusetts’s colonial history the interest and confusion can be targeted to the punishments done, for the crimes committed. Presentism is a major idea to remember when reflecting on the actions taken during colonial times. The below excerpt is taken from The Body of Liberties of 1641 and can add to the understanding of why and how such punishments discussed were carried out. Perhaps the magistrates in power took …

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…punishment sot may seem harsh and cruel. Yet, the colonies were establishing their own government, trying to split from European control. Presentism is important to remember while contemplating the actions in Massachusetts. Religion, separation, and fear of the unknown, all played huge roles in the events, which transpired. The fear of witches, Quakers and their undying affinity to God should be considered greatly. And all of which subsided and fed to the strengthening of Massachusetts.