Crew Resource Management

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More up-to-date thinking has given us much improved facilities on the aircraft, and Crew Resource Management (CRM). At the very least, CRM is intended to ensure that the Pilot receives information and advice from not only the other crewmembers, but also from external sources such as ATC and FSS. A fundamental element will also be that wherever possible, adherence to SOPs will enhance safety. CRM may also incorporate delegating the aircraft handling functions under many …

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…of duties. This situation can be analyzed from two different perspectives. One is a “mechanistic” approach, looking at it from a system design perspective, in terms of crewmembers as components with interconnections and reliability criteria. The second could be called a “humanistic” approach, with a social interactions perspective, dealing with relationships and perceptions, society and culture. However, both approaches point to same conclusion: basic crew co-ordination SOP concepts must be changed to meet current challenges.